11 Stunning Fine Art Paintings by Halena Cline

Stunning Fine Art Paintings
Stunning Fine Art Paintings

It’s the creative mind and thinking that outbursts as a paintings called fine arts paintings. The term “fine art” generally refers to a form of art that is practiced and drawn holding different form of beauty and aesthetic value. It is way different from the normal painting and holds deep meaning which is often unrecognized by normal human minds. The expertise in the field of painting posses a passion for abstract art that reflects as paintings, which are often known as fine arts paintings. They hold inner meaning displayed through greater form of art.

11 Phenomenal Fine Art Paintings by Halena Cline that Speaks a Thousand:

  • First shall be Last: The painting first shall be last is a bright painting mostly painted with yellow colour in the background. This can be said as often brighter things create a lasting impression on our mind and that stays the only things at the back of our mind. Nothing else can occupy that individual space. Sometimes our first need also ends up being as the last need. It can be taken this way as well.
  • Creation: Life is all about creating things we like and enjoy. Creation holds a certain belief that narrates a lot of things around us. There are several reasons that occur spontaneously without knowing about its specific cause. The painting creation is trying to say about the whole creative parts that are taking place in the universe.
  • Beautiful Gardener: The painting is scattered with green colour widely naming it as a beautiful gardener. It shows the passion of a gardener who loves to keep things green and lively around him. Always into planting things. More precisely it can be said what we reap we sow and thus things will only be beautiful around us if we plant beautiful things.
  • Moon Bows: When the angels in the earth rejoice even the moon high above in the sky bows to them. Angels here are compared to the inner beauty of the human nature. The painting beautifully portrays the moon in the form of a lady that’s looking down to the wonderful beings on the earth.
  • Red Moons: The moon that lies up above in the sky and shines the brightest also bleeds sometimes. This painting has a deep inner meaning related to human life. Every beauty has some unrevealed painful part that can only be seen and felt by few. The painting has a lot of revelation of the inner beings of one’s nature.
  • Our Time: We are only given one life to live and it is our sole responsibility to live the most and make the most of our limited time in this entire life. There will be many options along with obstacles but we have to choose things from it and proceed. This is what more or less this painting says.
  • Three Hearts: There’s a saying two makes a company and three makes a crowd. In a world where two hearts proceeds smoothly sometimes the interruption of the third party makes it a mess. The symbolic interpretation of the good bad sign also displays that there will be always something good and bad in everything in this chaotic environment.
  • Cosmic Clown: The painting in broader sense reflects the distinct forms of the universe and as per its uncontrolled happenings one becomes clown in its hand. The things happening around us are more of a show and its entertaining itself from these natural beings, as if we are the performers or more specifically a clown.
  • Butterflies Roses and Daffodils: A painting illustrating the mixed beauty and reality of existence in the same place together. All are beautiful in their unique way and holds different stories of their existence.
  • Liberty: Any living being seeks freedom, independence, to live in their free will. Though it happens otherwise in the world where we live in. We often fail to live in our own independent will. Some distractions we accept while some we don’t and that’s a part and parcel of every life. This is what this painting is trying to depict.
  • Butterflies and Sand Dollars: If you have ever passed along a beach and come across a sand dollar shell then you probably know how it looks like. The shell is an endoskeleton of animal and is called test. It is the residual of its structure after it dies. Butterflies as we shed into a different beautiful being from its caterpillar stage. The art similarly tries to convey that where one life ends and leaves its footprint behind; on the other hand some just blossoms into a new life.

All these fine arts paintings are a beautiful creation by the rising artist Halena Cline who has studied art and photography at the Gebhardt’s Art School located in Cincinnati. Her work is now becoming popular both nationally and internationally. The paintings are also being showcased in various art & cultural exhibitions. Check out her creative works in fine art paintings for more.


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