Glimmer Gear LED Slap Bracelet

LED Slap Bracelet
LED Slap Bracelet

It mainly comprise of one size led slap bracelet bands which offers the easiest way to get safety .Just slap it around the wrist, upper arm, ankle and helps to improve the visibility through outdoor activities. Band always stays secure in its place and offers the outmost safety. It I often said that bands are secure even up to 500 meters of distance.


  • Comprise of three push button flash settings comprise of constant on fast flash, slow flash.
  • Generally with water proof and non-heat emitting LED fibre optic cable wires. The fibre optic cable offers easy transmission and makes it very fast in sending the signals. It also offers more safety, security at a signalling speed.
  • Made up of water resistant fabric. It is generally waterproof. Water resistance is very important for its longevity and better working facilities offered.
  • Requires the battery with a battery life of approx. 100 hours.
  • Generally have a quality Nylon band. Nylon band makes it water resistant, dry and very safe. Nylon band makes it a bit more
  • They generally do not submerge in water. Water protection is the primary criteria for any kind of damage prevention and keeping it dry is the best option.
  • Never place in the washing machine. It is really risky if by chance placed in the washing machine. Washing machine is always kept away from this type of glimmer gear bands.
  • Wash by gently rubbing with a damp cloth. Avoid using wet or moisten material. It may get spoiled or damaged.
  • Can never be sold in the form of pair.

Glimmer gear arm bands:

They are mainly the adjustable and flexible USB rechargeable bands which truly provides a very easy way to reach the safety. Simply strap it around the bicep area and instantly improve the visibility while doing outdoor exercises regularly.

Specifications of Glimmer gear arm bands

  • Well equipped with non-heating emitting LED’s.
  • Stretchable high quality adjustable nylon band with Velcro closure.
  • Usually two colour bands are available. Generally bands with white colour strip on the band.
  • Push button is on or off.
  • Generally contains the constant, quick flash, slow flash and off.
  • USB Rechargeable battery present.
  • Charge lasts nonstop up to 12+hours.
  • Never do submerge in water.
  • New use watching machine for the cleaning purpose.
  • Wash gently by rubbing with a damp cloth.

Glimmer gear solar and USB arm band:

The adjustable and flexible solar and USB rechargeable LED arm band provides with easy go through safety. Simply strap it around the bicep area and instantly improve the visibility in the outdoors.

Specifications of glimmer gear solar and USB arm band

  • Equipped with non-heat emitting fibre optic LED.
  • Made up of reflective material.
  • High quality adjustable black nylon band with Velcro closure.
  • It is powered with solar and USB rechargeable device.
  • It remains last for 4-6 hours for full charge.
  • Do not submerge in water.
  • Never place it in washing machine.
  • Wash it gently with damp cloth.
  • Can never be sold as a pair.


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