Great Tips and Advice for Bathroom Remodeling

bathroom remodeling
bathroom remodeling

Bathrooms are a reflection of our personal style and thus should be able to provide comfort. Apart from that, it’s also necessary that your bathroom has the right amenities that are able to provide both value and function. You can luckily have it all through the meticulous planning and right design. However, you might feel tempted to bang down everything and give everything a fresh start, but that’s perhaps not the right choice. So, to save your time and money, we are listing here a few tips and advice that could not only turn your remodeling dream into realty but will also pay off in a higher sale price.

#1. Make a plan and stick to it

Before calling a remodeling company to remodel your bathroom, you need to first discuss with everyone who is going to use the space. Talk to them about finishes and fixtures that you want to use and the amount of budget you’re willing to spend. Do not attempt to make any unnecessary changes to the existing layout. Because the fewer changes you do, the lower your remodeling costs will be. Do not move the key elements from their current position. And never change the design that has been finalized. This planning is very useful to go a long way in keeping your bathroom remodeling plan as you move ahead.

In case you are facing difficulty in formulating a plan for your bathroom remodeling, the great option is to choose a remodeling contractor. A professional can give your style a vision, and do the scheduling to both installers and vendors.

#2. Bathroom flooring  

If you are serious about saving money on remodeling, it’s highly recommended to keep the new bathroom fixtures as close as possible to the existing plumbing of the bathroom. And if you are on a limited budget and want to follow the same footprint, then you can still create an impression of a big space with some tricks that are especially made for this purpose. For instance, you can use clear glass shower doors instead of shower curtains on tubs because it will be blocking the light and give it an enclosed appearance. Similarly, you can also use a big mirror in place of a small medicine cabinet mirror. This could visually magnify the space around the vanity area.

#3. Hit the Salvage

Salvage can often be intimidating, but only if you begin with check out of antique stores or flea markets and markets to get an idea. You just need to really figure it out that so as to find the great items. You can salvage anything- light fixtures, sinks, taps or sanitaryware. You can install a new surround for a bath to upgrade the existing fittings in a cost-effective way. This is not only light on the pocket, but an ideal way to maintain the character of your bathroom.

#4. Think about the lighting

Elegant finish on faucets makes look bathroom elegant. But, you’ll not go with a bad choice even if you choose a vanity based lighting which is capable of removing the shadow on faces. If we consider the ironic situation, the bathroom is a place where people visualize their hair and faces and is usually extremely dim and focused only on one spot. So, the best part you can do is including additional lighting in the form of sconces around the bathroom mirror.

Overhead lighting is essential for bathrooms. To impart the ambience to the environment, you can consider using frosted glass fixtures, rice paper, or even sunken track lighting. Similarly, perimeter lighting also creates both soft and ambient glow, along with a useful light. Also, pendant lighting is useful to scatter light in the desired direction to offer an illusion of an attractive centerpiece ceiling.

#5. Remember the ventilation

Condensation is the reason for dampness in most of the cases. As the bathroom is steamy and damp by nature, installing adequate ventilation systems is must to keep minimum moisture. A good quality fan is vital to ensure the optimal level of indoor quality. Furthermore, installing shower plans also leaves the room for ventilation because they don’t touch the top of bathroom ceiling and frameless glass installations that go from floor to ceiling helps in promoting air circulation inside the bathroom. Plus, with a floor heating system, which is usually laid below the tile is a perfect feature to add on. It will allow you to enjoy more comfort with the feeling of warmth on a cold tile.

#6. Color and fixtures

Only use fixtures in a white or cream color. As colored fixtures look outdated or dull after a few years. Also, using the white-to-cream spectrum of color makes a small bathroom appear bigger.

#7. Mix and match to stay on budget

Stay on budget to As already mentioned in the above point, only consider using white and mix different sanitaryware items from different suppliers to offset inexpensive buys against luxury items such as a quality bath. But, always refrain from using cheap fixtures like plastic baths are very thin and flexible and are hence difficult to seal and watertight.

#8. Do not use wall-mounted sanitaryware

Stay away from wall-mounted fittings, as less work is proportional to less cost. Furthermore, toilets and basins need specialist fittings which boil down to concealment of cisterns and home plumbing. The better option is to have a cheaper and faster way to fix deck-mounted taps, close-coupled WCs and pedestal basins.

#9. Maximize the space

Make use of all the bathroom space as much as possible, as having a smaller bathroom will require you to unleash your imagination and creativity so as to design the space which has a larger appearance. If your purpose is to expand the room, the right option is to have the glass doors for showers and tubs. Also, pedestal sinks are

#10. Add some extra pieces

If you have enough space, it is recommended to have at least one freestanding show piece like a cupboard or a decorative chair as a design element. You can recess to compensate for space by adding some practical elements like simply moving the hamper to another room. This decorative piece can of course, also serve as a storage place for soaps, towels, or other small item pieces.

#11. Beautification with wall protection

There are two main functions that a bead board can perform. It first gives an antique look and has an easy installation. Secondly, it performs a very important tsk that protects the lower section of walls from unavoidable water splashes that usually comes from the tub or shower in a bathroom.

#12. Include a lot of storage

Nothing can leave a nice room more untidy than clutter. This is where the role of bathroom storage comes into play. You can use storage solutions such as baskets to keep everything in place. In the case of furniture, you can use fitted furniture to get that coordinated finish. However, it needs the early planning. Modular or freestanding furniture provides great flexibility, which can be included after the sanitaryware is installed. They can also be mounted on the wall to make the effective utilization of space in bathroom areas that are prone to clutter.

Closing note: Choose a Reputable contractor

Whether you need a decorator, builder, electrician or a decorator, it is always important to choose a reliable and trustworthy contractor that is a leader in home repairs and projects. You can do this by asking for recommendations from friends or evaluating the contractor’s previous samples.

  • Do not consider the contractors who straightaway ask for cash. This is illegal for them not to show their income and without a receipt, you could possibly fail to have a comeback if something goes wrong.
  • Be aware of any requests on upfront payments. They can simply involve cash flow issues.
  • Any honest or reliable contractor will willingly sign a simple contract with you to make sure the agreed work is going smoothly and is completed as per the commitment.


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