USA COPS Need Some Serious Firearms Training!

Firearms Training
Firearms Training

The New York City Police for preventing a dangerous criminal from fleeing has apparently legitimately shot up some of the surrounding citizenry. These kinds of problems can be addressed very often in the month of October in 2015. At that incident, one female bystander was wounded badly by one of the bullets that were shot by the cops.

A careful study of reality which is also hardly exhaustive reveals that there is wrong in the common knowledge where different firearms are involved. The police of USA are not properly trained professionals regarding firearms. People belong to this misconception which can be understandable. USA dwellers follow a steady diet of some cop TV soap opera or shows and some movies in which the heroes end up shooting all the bad guys and usually by dropping them with just a single, perfectly placed bullet or shot, or even shooting the bad guy to a wound, virtually in every episode and in most of the cases virtually the bullet always immediately drops and the same bullet incapacitates the bad guy.

The truth is that most of the police officers are not competent shooters which are really overwhelming as well as frightening. They practice shooting very rarely in their own and only a small portion of the cops spend their own money and time in tactical schools for firearms training. There are many police officers those who have only one single handgun which is their issued duty firearm. Some of the cops own a handgun while others won a shotgun or some kind of 0.22LR rifle with them. It is a very serious problem in USA.

There are many Law Enforcement Organizations (LEOs) those are inherently anti-gun. These organizations don’t able to trust their officers. They fear about the accidental discharges by the cops much more than about the consequences of accidently shooting the innocent citizens. These organizations focus on some other matters like they try to prevent accidental discharges that happen through mechanical means rather than spending their money and time which is necessary to increase the accurate and effective shootings.  Some of the LEOs provide some professional firearms and also give competent training but most of these organizations don’t give such firearms and training. The full-agency qualifications are really very expensive. It is problematic not only in ammunition but also in manpower. It takes too many days to take qualifications because the police officers need to be taken off the street and that requires the cop’s double shifts duty for not being trained. This type of training usually means a lot of overtime costs.

At some point, most of the officers are introduced to their duty handguns or shotguns during either their basic state academy or during their basic agency academy. There are many states those require a common basic academy of firearms training for all certified officers and most of these agencies virtually require their field-training program and own in-house academy. The public of USA does not realize that in most places the officers will not be patrolling solo from their date of hiring for nearly a year.

There are few things like basic knowledge about the handgun safety, marksmanship and the rudimentary maintenance which are required for a basic training experience. The cops need to be exposed to both shoot and do not shoot sort of training. It is unusual if one shoot more than 200 rounds in a basic training. These are some light-loaded practice session that recruits only fire having characteristics that are a lot different from the regular duty ammo.

The qualifications of the cops are generally composed of only shooting standard and stationary silhouette targets which are having suitable ranges and are never-changing and known. The outer limit is usually twenty five yards. The passing score is quite generous which is very low as 70% that is one need to hit only 35 targets out of 50 rounds and this qualified firing is done in not more than 50 rounds. Most of the caps are allowed to reshoot as many times as required for qualify. Some of the training agencies are set up with more skillful and advanced tactical training. These trainings are having a variety of scenarios and target those the officers can encounter but always this does not happen because such trainings require different kinds of specialized weapons and equipment which are very expensive.

There are some training agencies that require gun cleaning after using it during qualification and those agencies also provide the means of gun cleaning. This process is good as there are many police officers those who do not have idea about how to clean their guns properly after use and they also do not have their own gun cleaning equipment. Shotgun qualifications occur in more or less once in a single year. This consists of shooting a few slugs, a few skeet and a few rounds of buckshot. They do not have any rifles. There are some other trainings that are occurred infrequently which includes some low light shooting and some multiple target shooting, and an experience of shoot or do not shoot along with a laser system and a video every five or six years which records different hits or misses of the target.

The firing training should be such that lessons for both the police and the public alike should follow:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Shooting with a handgun accurately from any distance should have a correct training, regular and practice.
  • Most of the police officers should have hitting probabilities are mediocre at his or her best even at a very near place of inside a phone-booth range.
  • The office hit probability increases with a correct and professional training which cannot be replaced by mere qualification shooting.
  • The more the distance of a place, the less will be the police hitting probability. The less the ambient lighting, the less will be the hitting probability.
  • In most of the cases, the police officers have much more chances to miss the target than to hit it.
  • It is the Hollywood nonsense that the idea of police officers has the capabilities to shoot the criminals by hitting at the wound but actually at any ridiculously close ranges, the cops are barely able to hit the target.

The truth is that the cops do not have any legal duty to protect the citizen. They only protect the society from any kind of crime in their presence and to investigate it after the crime takes place. Most of the police officers cannot able to protect the citizens or common people reliably by using their firearms and other weapons even if they want to perform their duties sincerely. Therefore some serious firearms training are very necessary for the USA cops for performing their duties properly.

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