What are the Robots.txt file and its significances in SEO?

Whenever we speak about Search Engine Optimization, Robots.txt file plays a vital role in search engine ranking. It helps to block search engine bots to index and crawl essential part of our website. While sometimes an incorrect configured Robots.txt file can make your existence completely head off from search engines. So, it’s very much important when you make change in robots.txt file, it must be well optimized and ought to not block access to important part of your website.


All major search engines make sure to observe if a robots.txt file is present to adhere to any special rules. Placing a robots.txt file in the root domain lets you prevent search engines indexing sensitive files. For example, you could stop a search engine from crawling your image folder or from indexing a PDF file that is sited in a secret folder.

Test your Robots.txt with the robots.txt Tester

Major search engines will follow certain rules that you set. However, the rules that you identify in your robots.txt file cannot be imposed. Crawlers for malicious software and poor search engines might not comply with your rules and index whatever they want. Therefore, major search engines follow the standard, including Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Ask, and Baidu.


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