Asset-Based Financing, Solution to Your Business Financial Needs

Solution to Your Business Financial Needs
Solution to Your Business Financial Needs

Asset-Based financing is a loan that is secured by collaterals, receivable accounts, inventory, and other assets of balance-sheet. Small business owners can apply for business loans by placing business assets against the loans. Home owners can apply for loans by using the equity of their home as collateral.

Asset based financing is generally lending you the money based on the value of your assets. ABL or Asset-based loan(s) are revolving chains of term loans or credit, which are secured by the assets of the borrower. The amount of credit that the borrower can lend, primarily depends on the value and quality of the collateral or which we called ‘’assets’’ that can be leveraged.  It can range from moveable assets to real estate and business equipment’s.

If you are looking for business loans or personal loans then asset based financing can be the best option.

Why Asset based financing?

Asset based financing allows an individual or company to borrow money regardless of their credit history and increases their loan approval chances by placing collaterals against their loans. Applying for the right type of loan should increase your chances of getting approved and walking away with the money you need to cover expenses or investments.

Earlier Presumptions:

In the past, asset based financing was seen as a turnaround product more for business purposes, which is now becoming more of a choice on an option. In 2016 the gross amount that was obtainable through asset-based loan was shot to £4.3bn. It was about 22% increase on the previous year, figured from “ABFA” or “Asset Based Finance Association”. It also shows every year increase on the asset based financing advances covering all business sizes for last 10 years.

Ideal for Small Businesses and Large Corporations:

Any business that has “assets’’ and good inventory in its balance sheet can take advantage of asset-based loans. Asset Based Lending is a very familiar choice for food and drinks manufacturing companies, retails, and distribution section. If you have trade business that runs on fluctuating market systems, asset-based loans can be a great option. If you have a seasonal business, asset-based financing can help you with a good cash-flow management.

Asset based lending is helpful because it facilitates the Borrowers with decent-sized amount of cash flow and it is a last-resort finance option for companies that don’t have the credit ratings, track record or patience to pursue more traditional money.

Easy and Quick Loan Application Process:

Asset Based Loans might be obtained more quickly and are usually the best way to obtain larger amounts. Companies that meet the loan’s qualification criteria can apply for an asset based loan and the process is fairly quickly compared to those who apply for traditional a line of credit or conventional loan. The overall process is complete within few weeks, depending on the type of loans you’re applying for and the type of assets you place against the loans.

The minimum requirement is that your business needs to have assets and a profit record to get maximum advantages by obtaining a secured loan.

Lower Costs and Opportunity for Grow in Business:

Companies that go for Asset based financing faces an instant growth phase in the business. Whether your business is going throw increasing production to meet the growth in demand rate, or entering new market, asset based financing supports the growth process in such cases. Asset based financing helps to build and improve your track record with the lender. Once you create a strong foundation in the track record you become eligible for moving to a solution that is less expensive.

The flexibility of asset based financing makes it a favourable path to cost-effective solution and finance to access capital during challenging mode in the business environment.

Liquidity Benefit:

One of the important benefits that asset based lending gives you is improved liquidity. Correct usage of it can lead you to facilities of providing cash flow that is predictable and providing a financial stability to your business.

The most important advantage of asset based financing is that it is available to small and mid-sized businesses. Asset based financing has greater advantages for small businesses to secure finances for their business by providing cash faster and can be used as a stepping stone to other financing products.

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