How to Pick the Perfect Window Blind

window blinds
window blinds

In addition to making your home look stylish and appealing, the window blinds also prevent sun rays from entering into your living space. As you can open, close, and tilt the blinds immediately, you can allow additional energy to enter into the living space during winter and block sunrays during summer. These options even make it easier for you to keep your family healthy and furniture look new. The window blinds are also available in a variety of styles, colors, and patterns. But you need to opt for window blinds that make your living space appealing while being durable and cost-effective. It is always important to compare the window blinds based on a number of parameters.

Points to Keep in Mind while Comparing Various Window Blinds

Window Size

You can fit the window blinds both inside and outside the window recess. Hence, you need to determine the size of window blind according to the area to be covered over the window. It is always a good idea to measure the width and height of the area to be covered in milimeters. You also need to note down the measurements accurately to decide the window blind size.

Slat Size

You have option to choose window blinds in three standard sizes – half inch, 1 inch and2 inches. Many homeowners opt for half inch slat to make their home stylish without incurring additional expenses. However, you can still make your home sport a retro style by opting for 2 inches slat. It is always important to determine the slat size according to both interior and exterior style of your home.


You can easily decide the amount of sunlight entering into your living space by choosing the right window blind style. If you want sunlight to enter into the room, it is a good idea to opt for blinds with no holes or slats. On the other hand, you need to opt for a Venetian or vertical blind to make adequate sunlight enter into the room.


The window blinds come in a number of colors. You even have option to paint the blind according to the home decoration. However, you need to opt for a colour that will not require you to change or repaint the blinds while making changes to the interior decoration. It is always a good idea to opt for classic blinds that do not become obsolete with passage of time.


The window blinds are normally sturdier and more durable than other window coverings. You can even consider installing window blinds in areas with high moisture like kitchen or bathroom. However, you must remember that the durability of window blinds differ according to their material. You need to opt for blinds with waterproof seals to eliminate impact of moisture and water. Likewise, you need to prefer aluminium blinds to wood, silk, or linen blinds.


You must maintain and clean the window blinds regularly to enhance their durability and appeal. Hence, you need to check the amount of maintenance required to keep the blinds sturdy. It is always important to opt for window blinds that can be vacuumed with a brush. You also need to check if the blinds will look good or require replacement due to constant exposure to sunlight.

On the whole, the right window blinds will make your home stylish and contemporary without investing huge funds. But you must spend some time in comparing the window blinds based on a number of parameters. The initial research will help you to keep your home energy-efficient and trendy in the long run by picking the right window blinds.


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