Tips to Choose the Best Suitable Collage Picture Frames

Collage Picture Frames
Collage Picture Frames

The primary purpose of framing pictures altogether forming a collage is to capture the memories all together so that they can be viewed at once through the initial blink of an eye. It also focuses the attention towards the art work. It also fills up the unfilled standalone picture and also separates the undistributed contemplation. The primary purpose of a frame on a paper work is to provide the structure of protection and presentation of the piece as well as to enhance its appearance. Like a diamond framed with platinum or gold wire adds a very special look on the ring, similarly a collage picture with a perfect framing gives an additional presentation to the picture.

Tips to choose the best suitable collage picture frames:-

  1. The Fine art of framing: Like setting a diamond is unique and gorgeous, similarly a suitable frame round the picture provides a finishing touch. This frame has the ability to complete a picture as well as enhance or elevate the painting presentation. Framing is the art of in and itself. Just in case the best frame of choice can very easily enhance the appearance of the work. Similarly a poor, dingy and shabby frame may degrade the quality of the painted picture or the photo framed.
  2. Choice of the Collage Frames: The choice of collage frames is important. As all pictures or art frame need not to be framed. For the contemporary gallery wrapped paintings framing is completely optional. Gallery wrap refers to canvas wrapped round thick stretcher bars and secured to the back rather than the sides of those bars. Always the painting style should suggest the style of frame. Each work of art is its own universe. A contemporary painting hanging in a traditional room doesn’t mean that the painting needs to be framed with traditional frame. Don’t fall in there trap while choosing frame that others suggest that you have already have in your collection. Larger paintings generally look best with wider mouldings and therefore with larger frames. Floater frame is also a good option for the larger pictures. Depending upon the style of painting the framer may recommend the multilayer frame composition where one or more frame mouldings used to achieve a unique look and fashion with or without the linen liner as well as the fillet. It should be always maintained that the frame and the linen liner should never be of the same width.
  3. Pointers of Work on Paper: Works on paper including water colour, pastel colour, charcoal drawings and so forth requires a special set of consideration as they are the perishable quality on the surface. Prior to framing the work of mounting should be done. Conversation mounting is highly recommended. This process involves that with time and tide the artwork can be removed from framing the structure without causing any damage. Conservation mounting is imperative for works of value or any kind of anticipated future value. Acid free corner pockets and acid free adhesives are the two good methods of securing artwork to its support. Art works requires matting and framing under the glass for the purpose of protection. The materials used should be at least 100% acid free and sometimes framing we can see the matting has discoloured that ultimately spoils the painting that is framed. All good framers now use acid free or achieve materials.
  4. Glass options: The glass is the most useful material where the painting is being protected from dusts and pollutants. Regular glass is mainly used. This is because they are scratch resistant and filters out the damaging ultraviolet radiations. Non glare glasses works well on the pieces which are placed directly in front of the window. Conservation glazing is a type of coating applied to glass to protect 97% of UV protection.
  5. Best Results: Many collectors and artists have their sense eye in selecting the right frame and can make sound decisions with little professional advice. Quality framing is an expensive affair so in most of the cases professional advices are much needed.

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