Best Bangs in 2017 for All Hair Types

Blunt Bangs
Blunt Bangs

While visiting salon. , this question always arise in our mind that whether bangs can enhance beauty? This question can come to our mind once, twice or thrice while sitting on the chair, prior visiting any hair makeup room or any parlour. And in the year of 2017, the answer to those questions in our mind says a big yes. This does not mean that it has all its goodness in order to sweep. This year the bangs are available in all shapes and sizes. They are even available in a variety of different texture medium and different haircut. Fringe has always been the coolest trend ever long time but it has become far more versatile and it completely takes up a new look with a new trend.

For Blunt Bangs

Blunts are generally found in kids as it makes theirs looks a bit more cute, but old is gold. Now as they are grown with gold because they can flatter any hair length. For Indians it becomes a bit more difficult as black sometimes give an odd look in a short length. If we desire to get a small change with big impact, then we should try the best match.

Criteria’s required:-

  • For thick hair, pups thrive the best. This is because of the full flown hair and its fullness makes the pup more highlighted and more stylish.
  • No need to have for a cowlick. It may create a bang bump so in case be cautious to avoid the cowlick.
  • If the hair is straight, then heat styling to smoothening can be preferred. But this is only applicable if the hair is less wavy but more straight in nature.
  • If the face curvature is not round, then blunt bangs is the best choice. As suggested by the hair stylist it is often said that bunt bangs soften the jaw making the face look rounder and beautiful too.
  • In salon if we want eye grazers that start an inch or so back from the hairline.
  • Though they look blunt a huge effect can be created by texturizing.
  • The hair stylist should be asked to cut up into some of the bangs as opposed to across in many a times.

How to style?

  • Lay flat wet bangs onto ones face as said by the hair stylist.
  • Then dry the strands of hair.
  • Pull the hair down with a flat brush.
  • For further any kind of more flatness or smoothness opt for the rounded edge flat iron.

Micro Bangs

While clocking in at about an inch and a half, usually they are for an edgy girl giving an unexpected look. Perhaps these style have been carried so well by the style icons from Audrey Hepburn to Bella Handid.

Criteria’s required:-

  • If we have a straight hair, then curls won’t give an eye dazzling effect. But in reverse curls will look like a puffball with these.
  • If we have a bob or lob. Extreme proportions of long hair can make these look super short.
  • If anyone having a round or oval face, this type of fringe adds an angular quality to soft face shapes.
  • No need of having a cowlick. It will force the bangs to spring up and go outward because there’s not enough weight to keep them down.
  • If we have a forehead of average to small size, then only the spacing will be appropriate. Or else there will be too much space above the brows.
  • At the salon the goal is a slightly jagged cut. The stylist should twist the ends and use a feather razor generally for texture.

How to Style?

  • If overwork is done with these bangs with heat, then it may happen of turning it into spikes which is a major risk. For styling purpose applying the styling cream gives a good look. But damp bangs should be before combining, should be allowed to air dry and to prevent tangle free hair styling.

Curly Bangs

Curls are no more and no longer only for those in a frizz free galaxy far, far away. Curly fringe used to be considered a no because people were afraid as it could be uncontrollable. Though curs can be embraced in all forms, curly bangs look really fierce and modern too.

Criteria’s required:-

  • For wavy coils, bangs are really difficult. As at the roots of these coiled up wavy hair, bangs look straighter and no styling can be done. This is really a great problem for wavy hairs.
  • It is advantageous that any face cut, the bang is suitable. So it has the ability to beautify every face.
  • If someone having a cowlick, it doesn’t matter much. This is because curls look great doing their thing.
  • At the salon this is really critical. Usually all hair shrinks up when it’s dry. But the difference is more drastic in case of curls, so it is suggested not to cut them when it’s wet. Also make sure the stylist doesn’t pull them straight to trim.
  • The curs generally pull up and look short.
  • So if someone has a square shaped face, so it is asked that they hit at the brow o balance an angular jaw.
  • If the face is straight keep them above the brow to get a fake longer face shape.

How to Style?

Let them fall where they want and when it is wet. It is suggested to add a bit more of mousse such as dove style and all where it involves the easy separation of hairs and to speed up the air drying process.

Shaggy Bangs

Shaggy bangs are generally the trendsetters like Alexa Chung and Dakota Johnson for having such crazy bangs during the times of renaissance.

Criteria’s required:-

Whatever may be the shape of the face, it looks cool and good in any shape. Because of the tapered shape, they create the illusion of the width of thin faces, providing a balance to the prominent chin on heart shapes and covers crow feet. Hair may be straight or wavy, mega curl patterns interrupt the shagginess of the look.

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