Concealed Carry Fashion Industry rallies on More Women Buyers

Concealed Carry Fashion Industry
Concealed Carry Fashion Industry

Why do Fashion Industries Rallies more on Women Buyers

According to recent market surveys, globally, women control about 20 trillion US dollars’ worth of market transactions. The figure may rise in the recent years to come. All in all, women represent a growth market larger than populations of both China and India combined. Hence, it will be foolish to ignore the population of the female consumers all around the world. Hence it is natural for the industries to tilt their favours on the majority of interests.

Any company will be intelligent enough to target female customers. But, the greatest prospect lies in six specific industries. They are:

  • Food
  • Fitness
  • Beauty
  • Apparel
  • Financial services
  • Health care

In a male dominated society, female employment cuts off at the executive and senior leadership levels. Hence, with all the men in the production lines, the products end up being a hit-or-miss guess about what women actually want. The products come out and go at lightning pace. The result, lots of items but most of them are useless, or at the very least, dissatisfactory to the tastes of women. A good idea would be to put more women on top of the production administrative chain, so that, they may help making key decisions regarding what does and doesn’t bodes well with the customers. So, industries are more inclined to the needs of women as they hold a majority of the markets financial wealth. Now what they need to do is to promote female employers to supervise the whole scenery.

It is often overlooked that armed forces globally have given rise to a new fashion statement, widely imitated by general population. Camouflaged wearable, water resistant all-weather jackets, dog tags, etc, have successfully captured the imagination of society throughout all age groups. It is definitely cool to walk down a street wearing scaled up military uniform.

Role of Women in Shaping up a New Trend in Fashion:

Women are highly sensitive when it comes to choice of clothing, and are also the most open beings to experiment with their everyday wearables. This fact is best put by the fact, that in terms of variety, it is nearly impossible to fathom the range of women wearables available in market.

Security agency professionals, when comes to the question of a proper dress, rely on available trends in market. This calls for the arms industry to tailor-make their products suitable to the latest fashion trends. Since the top priority is concealment of arms from general public, arms manufacturers have responded by introducing smaller, discreet small arms, which are compatible with a wide range of cloth designs.

Since women are more likely to experiment with their dresses, they represent the single biggest source of inspiration for these manufacturers for research. Extensive studies has been carried out regarding these dressing trends, and has adjusted their handguns accordingly. These developments have resulted in smaller weapons, with almost same efficiency. From the current data available from arms manufacturers, an increasing number of women are enthusiastically joining the move to revolutionise the small arms industry in terms of design.

Arms Accessories: New Area of Growth

Manufacturers have long focussed on the technical modifications of any weapon, regardless of their ability for more reliable handling, suited to specific environments. However, things begun to change once the security agencies realised the needs of modern urban combat, and the probable arms accessories needed to be developed.

A wide variety of accessories from concealed carry holsters, which can be installed on any part of the body, to tailor made sights and laser focus, there has been a mini-revolution in this field. Conventional women accessories such as purses and handbags too have come up with radical designs in terms of concealments. Secret pockets, along with tiny screws for tool kits too have appeared on grid.

As aforementioned, the market for these accessories has an unlimited growth potential. The National Sporting Goods Association of the United States in 2015 reported an increase of 60 percent in the number of women in the state of Texas alone, who went for target practice since 2001.

Since women have a wide range of sensitivity issues regarding their dresses, it is natural that women’s body size and shape is a big pressing factor for the number and variety of tailor made accessories. As an example, women who have a wider tummy will find it inconvenient to carry arms suited for women having comparatively slim outlook.

Narrowing it Down to Basics:

From the basic innerwear to modern jeans, concealment is a big part. Also, most women doesn’t like the idea of flashing their weapon in public, which beats the element of surprise in any bid for self-defence. The catching up of this niche market with its potential, will unleash many further improvements in the long run.

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