Do you have any idea about Google’s mobile-friendly update?

News is in the air about Google’s latest upcoming mobile-friendly update. Your site may not be at the top of Google’s search result page due to the latest Google algorithm updates which favors responsive as well as helpful for searches in mobile. It helps them who are searching for a website on a mobile device. While this algorithm won’t affect desktop, laptop and tablet searches, but mobile traffic will make its huge impact if your site isn’t mobile friendly.

Responsive Design

The new update of Google algorithm is deeply focused on to know mobile traffic, so you’d be wise to pay attention about this new updates. Non-responsive sites could not prove its worth in Google’s search engine result page as a result the owners and publishers everywhere are competing to make sure their websites can adapt Google’s new update “Mobilegeddon”. The main concern is that no one wants to suffer the same outcome eBay did when it lost around 80 percent of its prime search rankings with Google’s Panda 4.0 update in last year.

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Mobile update is extremely important to Google otherwise it wouldn’t have worried with such an update and warning for webmasters. Google is already starting to index mobile apps much in the same way that it indexes existing websites. There are clearly a lot of goals to achieve the best result in SERP’s, but we believe that Google make these changes mostly to provide a better mobile experience for searchers and people will get exactly what they want.

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