How to find out beneficial keywords on Google?

A keyword is a phrase or word a person type in a search engine when looking for a product, service or information. Search engine optimization market is constantly varying, content writer still need to include keywords in content. To me a beneficial keyword is one which has significant amount of searches and less competition. A lot of bloggers and content writers don’t know how to find out keywords before preparing content or a blog.


There are several tools available to find the profitable keywords for Internet marketing. But these keywords must have more accurate and relevant, faster which provides near instantaneous results and most important it should be free of cost.

One of the best and free tools used to find out low competition keywords in less time is Google Keyword Research Tool. But now announcement made by Google that their keyword research tool has been replaced with new Google Keyword planner. Due to this many Digital Marketing Service providers lost hope in finding beneficial keywords at free of cost. Though many professional SEO’s and Digital Marketers was bit insensitive on Google’s vast change.

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