Fit A Cat Flip In A Wood Door With These Easy Tips


Having a cat has its own perks and perils. This cute animal can be annoying at times especially when it wants to get in our out of the room and you have to do the job of opening and closing the door.

You can spend your remaining life performing this mundane task while cursing yourself or can relive yourself by installing a cat flap on your door.

What is a Catflap?

The cat flap is a portal intentionally made in a door to allow the cats to easily come in and go out from the door.

What are the types of cat flaps?

  • Classic

As the name suggests, this is the simplest form of the cat flap. It provides the liberty to your car to come in and go out from the home at any time. However, it also works as an easy access into your home for the neighbor’s cat.

  • Lockable

This type of cat flip provides more control as you can lock it and make it either in-only or out-only. So once your cat comes inside the home you can lock the flap to prevent other animals from entering your home.

  • Infrared

The infrared cat flaps use state-of-the-art-technology to keep the cat flap secure. It comes with a special key which you have to attach to your cat’s collar. The cat flap will open or close only when your cat stands in front of it with the key on its collar.

  • Magnetic

The magnetic cat flap is similar to the infrared one. However, it functions on the magnetic technology and if your neighbor’s cat has a magnet on its collar too then it can also get in through the cat flap.

  • Microchip

If you want the best security and are willing to shell out a little more money then go for microchip cat flap. It opens and closes by a recognizing an electronic tag which is set on your cat’s collar or has been embedded under the skin by a vet.

 Fitting a cat flap in a wooden door made easy!

Selecting a cat flap may not be that difficult but installing one on a wooden door may feel like a daunting task. But if you follow these simple tips then it will become nothing less than a cakewalk.


The basics are the key for every job. To install a cat flap start with the basics that is the precise measurements. On an average, the belly height of a cat is 10 to 15 centimeters from the floor. Make markings on your door according to these measurements.


Once you are sure about the measurements, its time to drill. Don’t worry as it is not a rocket science. These days the cat flaps are armed with a paper template that indicates the drill marking. You just have to drill as per the markings.

Saw along the Lines

After you are done with marking holes in the wall, use a jigsaw to cut from one hole to the other.

Use Sandpaper for Smoothing

The jig jaw will make the edges rough, which is too dangerous a situation. You can easily make the edges smooth by using sandpaper.

Drill the Screw Holes

Keep the front of the cat flap in position and mark a bit that is slightly narrower than the screws. Now insert it into the drill. Repeat this process for all pencil marks and ensure that you reach the other side of the door.

Screw Together

Push the four screws into their holes by holding the front in position. Now go to the other side of the door and keep the back of the cat flap over the protruding screws. Finish the job by attaching the nuts to the screws.

Installing a cat flap on the door has more to it than it meets the eye but if done properly it works wonders. But if you are looking for professional results then just call a handyman.

We at Advantage Home Contracting are experts in home modifications & additions. So get in touch with us today to get a cat flap installed in your wooden door.


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