How To Make Your Home Look Bigger With Tufty Time Sofas

tufty time sofa
tufty time sofa

Sofas are the quintessential piece of furniture that is the centre of attraction in the living room. They brighten up your room and make it more lively and attractive. Always choose sofas that go well with the style of your home. Sofas from Tufty Time do just that. They blend very well and make your home look more elegant and pretty.

How are Tufty Time sofas different?

Tufty Time Sofas are unique and outstanding. They combine modern fashion elements into furniture models to create showstopper pieces of furniture. A customer is always on the lookout for that something special that elevates the look of his home. Sofas from Tufty time are so well crafted and designed that not only do they look exquisite; they are very comfortable and add immense value to the entire look of your home.

Each sofa is perfectly designed using the finest quality materials. Premium comfort, dashing looks and some spectacular designs of sofas from Tufty time make it pure luxury. They augment your home by adding value and beautifying it.

The fabrics and the foam used in crafting these designer pieces are of superior quality, giving the sofa long lasting durability. With a wide range of colours, the upholstery fabrics come in premium blends of cotton, wool and nylon.

Tufty Time sofas are made using the unique tufting technology, making them very informal and comfortable. Customising the Tufty time sofas is pretty simple and easy. You can always get something quirky and designer at the same time.

Ideas for enhancing your living room with Tufty time sofas

Here are some ideas that create wonderful effects on your living room making them look even bigger and appealing.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

  • Always choose light colour fabric for the sofas. Soft and bright colours create the perfect neutral look and reflect more light.
  • Even the colours of the ceiling and wall of the room should be in softer hues. This creates a feeling of more room. Dark colours, no doubt look good. But they tend to shrink the room.
  • Space out your furniture and your Tufty time sofas, giving more leg space.
  • Use furniture that is multi-functional. It helps in saving space and can be used efficiently for different purposes.
  • Tufty time sofas have modular and sometimes unconventional designs that can be used to your advantage in creating the most relaxed and comfortable seating arrangement around your living room.
  • Tufty time sofas have designs that allow you to re-arrange the furniture according to your liking.
  • Tufty time sofas can be very versatile. You can make it a linear sofa when you have a lot of space or a corner sofa when you are in the mood for a cosy corner in your room. It can also have a peninsula composition or an island sofa.
  • Use mirrors and reflective surfaces that make the room appear bigger and spacious.
  • Illuminate well, with proper light fixtures.
  • Take advantage of the natural light. Design your furniture spacing to get maximum light.
  • Go in for linear furnishings in order to create more space. Corner sofas work well for very big living rooms.
  • Have a consistent colour scheme. Same colour, different shades works best in making the living room more airy and spacious.
  • Use decorative mirrors at the entryway, creating a stunning effect.
  • Keep things simple and minimalistic.
  • A floor to ceiling bookshelf in the living room corner creates an impressive focal point as well as visually expands the space.
  • Leave shelf spaces empty to get the dramatic look.

In conclusion, clever spacing and arrangement of your sofas with some smart lighting and cool colour techniques incorporated, your living rooms look bigger and spacious.

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