Roller, Double Roller & Roman Blinds: Window Treatments for your Home

Double Roller & Roman Blinds
Double Roller & Roman Blinds

Getting your windows fitted with new curtains or blinds and rollers, can be a tedious job, but then it is absolutely essential for your home. Windows are an integral part of one’s home and sometimes, while renovating or moving into a new home you might want to change certain things like, more light exposure or extra fittings. In such cases minimalistic window treatments are the best options available.

The most convenient fittings for windows that can be easily installed and cleaned are rollers, double rollers and Roman blinds. They not only take up minimum space but are also very simple and look great on your windows.

Given below are some types of rollers, double rollers and Roman blinds that will instantly increase the appeal of your home:

  • Sheer Roller Blinds: If you want a soft look, allowing minimum light to enter, then sheer roller blinds is the best for the windows. Sheer roller blinds are great for bedrooms as they ensure privacy and make the entire space look inviting. Sheer roller blinds come in various fabrics like linen, polyester or cotton and these are great for bay windows. Sheer roller blinds have different types of rollers like beaded rollers, loop chains or flat tops. Sheer blinds are best for living rooms, dining rooms and sun porches.
  • Double Roller Blinds: Often you may have large windows and privacy and light both become an importance. The system of double roller blinds either has two separate blinds or can be fitted in a single bracket. Double roller blinds give both at the same time. These blinds might come with blockout fabrics, sunscreen or sheer lining. Double roller blinds usually have thicker fabrics to protect from excess sunlight. These double roller blinds are designed to filtrate the amount of light entering your office or home.
  • Sunscreen Blinds: Do you have windows that open to a spectacular view but allow a great amount of sunlight to enter? It is essential to reduce the amount of sunlight, as the glare factor if increased will cause serious damage to the furniture, upholstery, flooring as well as any indoor plants that you might have. For this, sunscreen blinds are a must. Sunscreen blinds are usually rolled up shades. They do not stop the airflow or entry of fresh air for ventilation but protect the interiors from UV rays and heat.
  • Light Filtering Blinds: Light Filtering Blinds are a type of roller blinds. These blinds are made up semi opaque fabrics that let very little light to filter through when closed. They diffuse the general light and give privacy both in the morning and at night. These light filtering blinds can be used as some extra decorative accessories if you have frosted windows or some view that you do not want to see, while allowing enough natural light and warmth to enter.
  • Blockout Blinds: It is essential to control the amount of light that you want to allow inside your home. These blockout blinds came in various colors and fabrics with extra fittings like pelmets on top and they give maximum privacy and maintain good insulation within your home. If required, these blinds will blackout the entire room, not allowing any light to enter. Blockout blinds have reflective backing which reduces heat gain as well as loss by almost 40%.
  • Roman Blinds: Windows sometimes require a sophisticated and elegant look. Roman blinds may date back to sometime, but they do not look old. Instead, these blinds give an alluring look to your interiors with soft, subtle folds in the fabric. The do not have stitch holes or puckering and penetrating light and the entire looks is more orderly and polished.


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