Thermal Hoop 380: An Alternative To Bulky Winter Garments at Word Place

thermal hoop 380
thermal hoop 380

December is almost around the corner, and it’s safe to say that winter is coming, theoretically and literally.  Some people are blessed with war blood and warm body temperature naturally while there are a few of the people who just can’t seem to enjoy winters as they always end up shivering and dealing with the biting cold. At times, when the temperature drops severely in some of the locations, whether it’s on a higher altitude or a very low temperature, you need to keep layering up to keep your body warm. However, at times people do not prefer to put on too many layers in winters or in spite of jackets and warmers, they don’t feel comfortable going outdoors during winters. If you are anyway close to any of these kinds of people. Thermal Hoop 380 is definitely your saviour; a typical knight in shining armour.   It will warm you up within minutes and will keep you warm for hours together. Slide it over your head and decide how warm you want to be. Try the Thermal Hoop 380 for about 30 days. And if it fails to keep you warm, return it for, and you will get a full refund. Many original Body warmer owners enjoyed their warmer for over 4 years and are very happy about their purchase.

  • Features of thermal loop 380
  1. Light-weight: thermal loop 380 is very handy and lightweight. Unlike your warmers, jackets and sweatshirts it will not take a lot of your space during winters and is very convenient to use as it can easily be connected to Li-ion battery and is ready to use in no time.
  2. No external wiring: You will not require any external wiring or any battery pouch to carry. Avoid the hassles of finding a charger, cable, wiring, and extra battery and so on. Cosy up to this loop and enjoy the winter season happily.
  3. Battery pouch. : The thermal loop 380 has an extra battery pouch made into that hoop itself for convenience. Since you simply slip it around your neck, it stays put through the in-built pouch and does not fall apart.
  4. Small, lightweight charger: The Thermal loop 380 has a lightweight charger installed in it along with the tiny charge indicator that will show you the remaining battery life. With the help of this, you can always keep a check on the battery and charge it before it runs out.
  5. Stain resistant fabric: the fabric used to make the loop is developed as stain-resistant fabric, which can merely be cleaned with a piece of cloth and little soap.
  6. Can fit anywhere Fits into a pocket, handbag, backpack or carryall: owing it to the small size structure of the thermal hoop 380, it can fit very easily into your pockets, backpacks or even the handbag as it doesn’t require too much area to be placed.
  • Benefits of Thermal Loop 380
  1. Protection against cold damp: These wonder thermal loop 380 do not always protect you from the dropping temperatures in winter but also provides you great protection against the cold damp and wet weather.
  2. Provides, therapeutic heat: The thermal loop 380 provides you with a very therapeutic heat which enters the body directly and protects you from frostbites, shivers, cramps and more. It also keeps the body warm and soothing for hours.
  3. Durable moisture and water resistant fabric: The loop is meticulously designed to be water resistant and also can stand moisture. Therefore, you can carry it around in any weather you want to.
  4. Freedom of movement: Winter clothes tend to restrict your moments at times, which is one of the major advantages of the thermal loop38 as it provides you with the liberty to walk, run and jump around during cold.
  5. We often prefer to travel light when we are going on a vacation or a trip, but our bags almost get full with heavy winter coats only. This thermal loop 380 eliminates the heavy coats, and you can get your winters sorted.

Using a thermal hoop

To use the thermal hoop 380, we need to press and hold the controller for a few seconds after which the controller will turn the red light. If you wish to have a lower temperature, the controller needs to be pressed to white. For the lowest temperature available, you need to press again so that it turns to blue. If the thermal hoop is no longer needed, you can press and hold to turn it off.

According to the OSHA standards, the thermal hoop 380 is safe and boosts the safety of the person wearing it by preventing the fatigue which comes with colder temperatures. It is ideal for security, police, warehouse, postal employees, construction and people who have to work in the cold all the time. The battery on the Thermal Hoop 380 typically lasts for approximately 2 hours on the red temperature setting. While it runs up to 3-3 ½ hours on the white setting. It runs for an approximate amount of 4 to 4 ½ hours on the blue temperature on a single charge.

As the battery in Thermal Hoop 380 is rechargeable, it will turn green to indicate a full charge upon charging. It is particularly important to people who are always cold due to various reasons. This thermal hoop will warm you in a matter of minutes and keep you warm for hours together. Slip  it over your head and choose the warmness you need to resume your daily functions.

Thermal hoop 380 has not only been customer’s favourite but is also tested and verified by the doctors. You can also use it as an accessory for keeping up the metabolism and also balancing the core body temperature. It has total three temperature settings; the blue indicates moderately warm, white denotes for warmer and red stands for the warmest. It has a long lasting battery and once charged full; it can go up to at least 2 hours if set on red temperature, around 3 to 3.5 hours on the white option and maximum 4 to 4.5 hours if kept on the blue option.

All the authenticity tests have been run on the thermal loop 380, and without any loopholes, the product surpasses OSHA standards and also boosts the safety of the users by preventing them with cold-related diseases and fatigue.


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