25 Creative Ways to Design Your Next Poster

Creative Ways to Design Your Next Poster
Creative Ways to Design Your Next Poster

Posters are probably one of the most fun ways of conveying a message to the onlookers. There is so much you can do with them and when it comes to bending rules, you can go all the way with posters. Bold, quirky, classy, blank, information loaded; there are so many styles to creating a poster.

Here are some ways which you can use to create a cool design for your poster without much hassle but with all the deliverable elements in place so that the poster can do what it is meant to do.

  1. Use Colors: One of the best ways to create an eye catching and interesting poster is to play around with colors. Be it the usage of multiple colors or solid blocks each has its own way of bringing out the beauty.
  2. Typography: The typography used in a poster can bring out a lot about the event the poster is made for. Experimenting with typography allows you to bring out the seriousness or the playfulness of the event in simple yet classical manner. Just remember not to clutter the space with too many styles.
  3. Visual Hierarchy: Posters are meant to provide information to people in a quick yet attention seeking manner. Hence you should always rank your information in a similar manner. Make it bold in case you have limited words or choose the typography properly where you have loads of information to give.
  4. Negative or White Space: One of the easiest ways to make a person take attention of what you are trying to convey is to surround it with a lot of negative or white space as it allows the eyes to breathe and hence makes your information stand out in the crowd.
  5. More with Less: Often we tend to clutter up the space of the poster with too many things which can be a no no for the viewer. Hence, it is better to convey your message with a few pictures or words which will make a strong impression on the onlookers’ mind.
  6. Point of Focus: This technique usually deals with taking the photo used in a poster out of focus to give more weightage to the text content or you can also crop a picture down to the very details which is relevant to the whole context of the poster.
  7. Clever Composition: Make the information available on your poster in the form of a puzzle which makes it interesting enough for the onlookers to take note of the information you are trying to convey and also provides the whole poster with a creative edge without much effort put in.
  8. Layering: When you play with layers of colors, texts and images, it provides you with a depth and dimension which allows you to give your poster a different little world altogether. Layering not only brings out the creativity but also allows you to say a lot within the limited space.
  9. Shapes: One of the most creatives way to put in a lot of depth into your poster is by the usage of various shapes. These shapes allow you to give a creative edge to the poster and along with it makes an interesting, enhanced background to put in your texts.
  10. Emphasize on Elements: When you are using an exciting picture or a really cool font, make sure it doesn’t get lost in the crowd and is emphasized on as it will provide you with the winning element for your poster. Emphasizing helps in drawing the energy and emotion into the poster.
  11. Make a Journey: People are usually drawn to stories and if you can create your poster in such a way that it takes your viewers through a journey on a whole, it will make a better impact on them. You can do that by changing the point of focus.
  12. Humor: One of the main work of posters is to provide people with information in an entertaining manner, and there are only a few things that provide entertainment to people more than humor. So, make sure you use humor when creating a poster as it will give impact to the poster.
  13. Balanced Composition: Posters are visual communications and it should be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. For that purpose, the posters should have a balance of the elements that are put into the posters. When each half is equally loaded, your poster becomes whole and doesn’t draw attention to one side.
  14. Pictures: While blank posters with texts are cool to look at, sometimes a strong, relatable picture does much more than all the texts in it. This minimizes the use of texts in the poster and at the same time makes the poster look vibrant and creative to look at.
  15. Illustrations: In some cases, photography doesn’t work out or it may so happen that you can’t get a photograph which is relatable to the theme of your poster. In such cases, using illustrations which may be flat or layered in nature, does the job in a much better manner.
  16. Unusual Elements: At times using the usual or naturally occurring things may be a tad bit boring. Quirky works, specially in the world which we live in. quirky images and illustrations often puts a strong impression in the minds of the viewers and helps in bringing across the message in a poster.
  17. Maintain Flow: Although your design may contain a lot of unusual matter as a part of it, you should always make sure that there is a flow in the whole matter. A message will never be delivered if the elements on your poster lacks a flow in storytelling.
  18. Legibility: Being a visible media for communication, posters should be very legible to the viewers. Hence, even if you have a lot of information to convey to the onlookers, make sure you do it in a way so that all of it registers to them and nothing gets lost in the whole process.
  19. Formatting: Your poster may be simple or quirky or classy t look at but they should never miss on the hygiene factor. Detailed attention should be given into the formatting of the poster and the sizing of the content so that they don’t look out of the way at any instance.
  20. Emotional Connect: Humans are creatures of emotion and nothing touches them as much as emotions, hence if you want your poster to register well with the onlookers, make sure that you add a bit of emotional element to it which will evoke their emotional side and allow them to connect.
  21. Consistent Templates: Sometimes it may so happen that you need to create multiple posters and your creative senses aren’t at their bests. In such cases it is always handy to have certain templates at bay which will allow you to just alter certain elements and produce a beautiful poster.
  22. Audience Oriented: One of the simplest ways to be creative with your designs is to deliver what your audience wants. So, before going to create a poster and put in all the effort, make sure that you know what your audience are looking for and put in those elements.
  23. Contrasts: Posters are used because they have the power to attract attention of the onlookers and can convey a message in an interesting way. There are seldom ways which captures attentions as well as contrasts. Posters can be made creative with contrasting colors and bold fonts.
  24. Graphic Elements: When you are making a poster, make sure you are playing around with the various fonts, pictures and colors that you have at your disposal. This will help you to come up with combinations which will be bang on to attract the onlookers and convey the right kind message to them.
  25. Break Rules: So, there are rules to creating a very good poster and you should know them all in order to deliver well. But once you are aware of all the rules that are there, break them and create something completely out of the box which will leave others in awe.

There may be more ways to create an awesome poster design & printing for your next poster but the main element to making it truly amazing is to have fun while you are making it.

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