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line isolation monitors
line isolation monitors

Line Isolation Monitors commonly known as (LIM) is a continuous monitoring system that controls the total hazard current of an isolated power system especially in the health care facility. The LIM offers both the audio and visual alarm signals to alert the medical stuff the presence of a line to ground fault on an equipment system which is thoroughly connected to each other. It also comprise of a large LED screen that clearly displays the system status and the operating parameters.

In cases of critical care units, isolated power systems are designed to protect the patients and also the caregivers from any kind of shocks or injury in the care units. Line isolation monitors are the most important and essential component among the other isolated power panels. They are generally the piece of isolated power panels which monitors the hazard current and alarms too if the electric current has reached such a tremendous level. In the health care facility system if there is any kind of fault in the electrical flow pathway then it will opt to the least resistance way due to the presence of the isolated power. In the “wet procedure location” patients are vulnerable, critical electrical equipment is often used and fluids are also present. So these all together creates a dangerous process event when any kind of electrical fault or short circuit takes place.

The Line Isolation Monitors are device that continuously keep on measuring the electrical current within the room of operation. When the current reaches the dangerous level, this machine offers a system of alarms and notification to the caregivers of a surge in electric current.  During the event when one line to ground fault, the isolated power panel provides a source of uninterrupted power and also eliminates the danger of electric shock or any kind of faults and hazards. This allows the process of operation to continue while keeping the patients and caregivers in a safe and precaution area.

Isolated power panels provide the underground service for a variety of hospital applications. The uninterrupted power supply in the event of one line to ground fault which eliminates the risk of several dangers and shock prone behaviour. When a fault or danger happens there should be proper sound alarm and maintained to continue using critical equipment. The quality and safety is reflected in the design and design components which are incorporated in the isolated power panel.

Line isolation monitor may sometimes fail or become inaccurate and unreliable due to age, wear, tear and damage. Upgrading the outdated Line isolation with a new replacement from PGLifelink can extend the life to more than many years. On extension of the life of the line isolation monitor where transformers, panel boards, wiring and other components which will be having still the useful life. Upgrading system will also ensure the compliance with NFPA 99 requirements. Upgrades can be said the economical alternative towards the line isolation monitors.

Benefits of Upgrading the LIM:

  • Digital LIMS are more reliable and easier to use.
  • Analogue LIMS have shown to increase their life expectancy. Therefore the use of them can more extend too many years possible.
  • Older LIMS are no longer used. This is because of the reason that old LIMS are of no service due to component obsolescence.
  • Try to reduce the maintenance cost and total cost of ownership.
  • It is comparatively less expensive than that of replacing the isolated power system.
  • Try to avoid costly, time consuming and dirty construction in the operating system.

Try to extend the useful life of the existing transformer and panel board if the capacity is kept adequate.


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