Be Seen with Glimmer Gear Reflective Night Gear at Dusk

Reflective Night Gear Products
Reflective Night Gear Products

Pedestrians, bi-cyclers, riders often step out in the evening for jogging, walking, running, riding, or may be for some free hand exercises. But what will make them visible at dusk? It may be a serious life threatening issue. Athletes often step out during the time of the day when there is less light like; either early morning or evening, or at night. Especially in winter season light is comparatively dim than other times. Therefore, they need to be aware of their visibility while performing activities outside where there may occur a life threatening risk.

There are many reflective products available in the market for joggers and runners that make them visible either by reflecting any exterior light source coming back to origin or any reflective material that generates bright light. Reflective vests and night gears will make runners, riders, cyclers highly seen by other people at times of changing dusk light. Check out some of such products below.

Reflective Night Gear Products for Safety:

  • GG Body Pouch: The LED body pouch by Glimmer Gear is the safest way to increase the visibility while you ride a bicycle. It is adjustable to fit your body shape and it is equipped with a LED non-heating strip with a high quality zipper. It has removable battery pack, and on/off flash button.
  • GG USB and Solar Arm Band: The arm bands by Glimmer Gear are bright to make you seen nicely. It emits non-heating fibre optic LED lights. It is solar powered and rechargeable via USB. One full charge makes it run for full 4-6 hours at a go. Only precaution is never put it in washing machine.
  • LED Arm Sleeves: The LED lit Arm Sleeves are a great way to make you highly notified on streets while you are running or jogging at dusk. The movement of the arms while wearing make the light scatter more and makes you more visible. You can be seen through from ¼ mile away. The arm sleeves are awesome and are great safety measures while having outdoor activities.
  • Wrist Bands: The LED wrist bands are another good option if you don’t like wearing vests. They will reflect light that will make you show as a visible object. You can easily carry them in your pocket or bag while stepping out.
  • LED Vests: LED vests by Glimmer Gear are a great way to make you notice when you are out biking. Now enjoy your outdoor sports activities with confidence wearing these LED vests. They are equipped with LED strips and USB rechargeable facility means no worry of buying batteries ever.
  • Rechargeable Solar & USB Body Belt: The solar and USB rechargeable body belts by Glimmer Gear are highly reflective LED lit belts. They are solar powered and are recharged via USB. The belts have adjustable high quality nylon bands to fit your body. One full charge of 3-4 hours can make it work for long 8-10 hours.
  • LED Slap Band: It’s a one size band that fits in every wrist. Just slap the bands on your wrist and you are good to go. Easy to wear and highly visible upto 500 yards. They sit tightly on your wrist and don’t move so there’s fear of missing the bands.

Wearing this type of stuff that has illuminating technology in it is essential because when runner and joggers during disk people around them are often distracted by the bright street lights or vehicle headlights, result of which they go unnoticed. This may cause severe accident and even death. Thus to stay safe these LED technology accessories are a must have. They come from reputed Glimmer Gear brand that specially designs them for such purposes.


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