Five Reasons To Have Faux Wood Shutters

Five Reasons To Have Faux Wood Shutters

Faux word shutters have emerged as an ideal alternative to traditional wood shutters. Faux wood shutters relieve you from the issues of termites and daunting maintenance activities which are common with wooden shutters.

Faux wood shutters look like wooden shutters from a far as well as close distance and enhance the interior of your home. Traditionally, shutters were designed for outdoor use but in the recent times, thanks to creative designs, indoor shutters have become a mainstream in interior decorating. Along with providing a creative look to your home, these shutters provide effective functionality. They offer privacy, insulation and better light control.

If you still aren’t convinced then here we discuss five reasons that will convince you to use faux wood shutters at your homes.

  1. Installation is a cakewalk

Installing the traditional wooden shutters is nothing less than a nightmare as they are heavy. But this is not the case with faux wooden shutters.

These shutters are made up of composite materials and have a hollow-bodied construction process. The upshot? They are lightweight and easy to carry. Thus, installing these indoor shutters becomes a cakewalk.

In fact, the installation process is so simple that homeowners and do-it-yourselfers can do it by themselves.

  1. More durable than wooden shutters

Real wood is vulnerable to numerous issues such as climate and pests. Although manufacturers of real wood shutters apply a coating of several chemicals and other materials, it is highly difficult to keep wood safe. Hence traditional wooden shutters have limited life and are prone to damages.

On the contrary, faux wood shutters are stronger and more durable. The composite materials ensure that faux wood shutters have better immunity and are able to withstand the challenges of time. Moreover, the reinforced interior design ensures that these shutters are shielded against warping.

  1. Faux wood shutters are water-proof

Nothing possesses a bigger danger to wood than water. Despite undergoing special treatment, real wood cannot be protected from water.

When real wood comes in contact with water, it is bound to expand or warp or even rot in the worst case scenario.

Thus, by installing real wood shutters you actually sign up for a never-ending battle with water where you have to constantly protect the shutter from getting into contact with water.

And this is why faux wood shutters are your savior. These shutters are completely safe to use with water. You can even wash them with water and there is nothing to lose when they get exposed to rain.

  1. No worries of scratches

Watching your recently installed wood shutter getting scratches is extremely painful. The smooth outer appearance of the wooden shutter can easily get damaged from scratching. That’s why homes with kids and pets should avoid installing real wood shutters.

If you wish to relieve yourself from the worries of scratches then faux wood shutters are your ideal bet. These shutters are scratch-resistant. Hence they look fresh and new even after several years of use.

  1. Resistant to fading-

Few years after installation, wooden shutters start to fade. This is a natural process and it can only be delayed but can never be stopped.

Faux wood shutters come with UV inhibitors that negate the wrath of sun and it prevents the shutter from fading.

There are immense benefits of using faux wood shutters and we discussed the prominent ones here. If you still have any doubts over the efficiency of these shutters then get in touch with  Window Answers NZ today. We, at Window Answers, are always eager to hear from you and are equipped to offer you the best-in-class interior decorating services for your windows at a reasonable cost.


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