How to Pick the Right Screen Printer for Next Project

How to Pick the Right Screen Printer for Next Project

The right screen printer will help you to set up and expand a t-shirt business by creating eye-catchy images on fabric. The professional will transfer the artworks and graphics onto the fabric by applying ink to the surface directly through a screen while using a stencil to block the areas that need to remain impermeable to the ink. But you cannot boost the sale of t-shirts without hiring the most competent screen printer. Also, the screen printing service must be reliable and consistent enough to produce high-quality t-shirts in the long run. Hence, it is always important to consider some important points while comparing professional screen printing services.

5 Important Criteria to Compare Professional Screen Printing Services

  1. Quality

The quality of the wearable print will depend on a number of factors – the type of ink and screen printing techniques. To impress customers, you need to ensure that the wearable print looks impressive and feels nice to touch. The printer must use the right inks and the latest printing technologies to convert distinct designs into appealing wearable prints. You must spend some time to evaluate the wearable prints created by the screen printer in past. Also, you need to ask the questions required to assess the quality of screen printing services accurately.

  1. Reliability

When you are hiring the screen printer for commercial projects, it becomes essential to form a long-term partnership. You must form a partnership with a screen printer who will help you to experiment with designs, create wearable prints, and complete the assignment on time. There are always chances that your business will lose revenue if the t-shirts are not screen printed before the busy season. Hence, you need to gather information from various sources to check if the screen printer is reliable enough to meet deadlines without sacrificing quality of wearable prints.

  1. Consistency

You cannot obtain high-quality wearable prints order by order if the screen printing service is not consistent. At the same time, you also need to ensure that the quality of the wearable prints remains unchanged over a long period of time. You can easily assess the consistency of screen printing services based on important factors like quality of screen printing equipment, the speed of screen printing process, and commitment of the screen printers. The consistent screen printing services will further help you to maintain look, feel, and quality of wearable prints in the long run.

  1. Care

The passionate and commitment of the screen printers impacts the quality and consistency of screen printing services directly. There are always chances that the printer will not deliver high-quality wearable prints consistently if the people working at the print shop are not passionate about meeting deadlines and maintaining quality. You must visit the print shop in person and interact with the printers directly to evaluate the professional screen printing experience in advance.

  1. Work Environment

You cannot obtain high-quality wearable prints consistently by hiring a large print shop or a reputable screen printer. Instead of focusing on the location and size of the print shop, you need to evaluate the work environment. While visiting the print shop, you must check if the work environment keeps screen printers comfortable and encourages them to unleash their creativity. The quality of the work environment will further help you to generate and recreate high-quality wearable prints consistently.

On the whole, you must not assess the quality of screen printing services based on Google search or visibility of the printer’s website. It is always important to assess the quality, reliability, and consistency of the screen printing services by gathering information from varied sources. Also, you must visit the screen printers in person to assess the quality and reliability of their services.


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